“I’m kinda just always sad. Or angry.”

“I’ve stopped going to work”

“Its too hard to get to class in the morning”

“Sometimes I feel like everyone else has got it right, and I just missed something. It doesn’t matter what I do, it never works out.”

“I’m tired all the time. I will sleep all day and I’ll still be exhausted.”

“No one likes me. No one cares.”

Depression can be a mild, transient thing or it can be severely debilitating. It can be a problem all in itself, and it can also contribute to other illnesses. At its worst, it can take people’s lives. Regardless of how depression affects you, one thing is certain: you deserve to feel better.  Counseling can help you learn ways to manage problem thoughts and feelings, and can help you feel more connected with your strengths.  It can also be used in conjunction with other treatments.  Counselors, doctors, social workers, and other professionals can work collaboratively to help provide some care and relief.   See below for links to other useful information.