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Each and every person is unique. Each and every problem is unique too. Here treatments are collaboratively constructed between counselor and client to match your concerns with the most effective treatments. If there is a treatment that we cannot provide, we will help you find someone who can.


First we gather information and assess the issues. The initial appointment is largely a fact finding mission, where we get to know you and the problems you face. It is also your opportunity to ask questions and learn about your treatment options. We work together to build a plan that fits your needs.

The treatment phase is where we put that plan into action. Most therapy meetings are between 45-60 minutes, often determined by type of insurance. How long someone remains in treatment can vary quite a bit, depending on nature and severity of your concerns and your treatment goals. This is where an empathic and collaborative approach is so important to making sure you receive the best possible care.

Problem Areas

The best treatments try to address the whole problem. It is often not just one thing that is bothering us, and while we can experience distress in a wide variety of ways, its sometimes easier to understand mental distress as anxiety, depression, stress, and these three things often influence each other. Through treatment, it is possible to manage these issues effectively. Click below to see some examples and treatment philosophy to see you think might be right for you.








Treatment Philosophy

JMG Associates strives to provide you with information to help you make informed choices. There exists a wide variety of treatment methods out there and unfortunately no treatment can ever promise 100% success. While many therapist are trained to provide a variety of methods for their clients, different clinics will often have their own backgrounds and treatment philosophies.


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Many Counseling Areas

bipolar disorderadjustment to major life changes
social anxietyoccupational problems
generalized anxietyattention, focus, and drive
insomniamen's issues
angerloss of control