“I lay awake thinking all night. Its like I can’t turn my brain off!.”

“I worry all the time. I’ve lost track of what I’m even worried about.”

“I feel tense, my heart races, I can’t concentrate anymore.”

"I don't like being alone, but I hate meeting new people. Its so uncomfortable"

These are some of the things people will say when anxiety has gotten the better of them. You feel stuck or trapped. You’ve got that terrible feeling like something’s wrong. You’ve tried to get rid of it, but it keeps coming back. It can feel exhausting. 

But here's the surprising thing:  When managed effectively, anxiety can also be a powerful and useful tool!  You can learn how to experience an uncomfortable feeling in a way that's less threatening.  There is hope.  Its all about finding the right fit!  See below for other sources of information about anxiety.