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Treating anxiety, depression, stress, and other problems
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Our Mission

JMG Associates, LLC was established to provide the highest quality treatment for individuals suffering from mental illness, and other emotional and behavioral distress in an environment where all are valued. Here all persons regardless of race, creed, or gender will be provided with welcoming, compassionate, and comprehensive care in a person-centered approach focusing on strengths, growth, and achievement.

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Depression can be a mild, transient thing or it can be severely debilitating. It can be a problem all in itself, and it can also contribute to other illnesses. At its worst, it can take people’s lives. Regardless of how depression affects you


These are some of the things people will say when anxiety has gotten the better of them. You feel stuck or trapped. You’ve got that terrible feeling like something’s wrong.



At least it can be. It can motivate us to plan, organize, and perform. Good results, lead to good feelings. The more problems we tackle, the more we can be sure that we will successfully handle our next challenge.

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A decision to enter into therapy is deciding to take a first step toward an improved quality of life.  We can help you find the right fit for you.

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